Your Ideal Day For Embryo Transfer

Embryo culture is an embryo selection process. The progress of every embryo is meticulously evaluated before they are selected for transfer back to the mother’s womb for implantation and pregnancy, through Embryo Transfer procedure.

Deciding the ideal day for embryo transfer can be incredibly stressful. The motive is to transfer the embryo when it reaches the ultimate development stage (Day 2 Embryo, Day 3 Embryo and Day 5/6 Blastocyst) to create a pregnancy.

The ultimate stage means the group of embryos from a particular patient, have reached their highest potential to achieve a pregnancy, whether it is Day 2 Embryo, Day 3 Embryo or Day 5 Blastocyst.

Blastocyst transfers mimic natural conception. During the process of fertilization, the embryo does not appear into the uterus before day-5 after the ovulation. The embryo travels down the fallopian tubes and reaches the uterine cavity about five days, after fertilization, at the same time developed itself into a blastocyst. These processes improve synchronization between the endometrial lining and the embryo as the Embryo Transfer is executed on day 5. Therefore, it increases the chance of implantation and successful IVF. Besides, Blastocyst Transfer has a better implantation rate as compared to cleavage embryo.

To date, many fertility treatment clinics are still conducting cleavage-stage embryo transfer because of standard global practice or due to patient fertility profile. On the other hand, a high development rate of embryo past cleavage stages can be seen if the embryo laboratory is equipped for extended Blastocyst culture.

As one of the most reputable natural fertility treatment center in KL, at Ever Link Fertility Centre, if the patient has more than two embryos developed at Day 3 after fertilization, the embryos are continued to be cultured for another two days, in order to facilitate embryo selection before the Embryo Transfer Procedure is performed. The goal is to transfer the embryo when it reaches the ultimate developmental stage to create a healthy pregnancy.

As one of the causes of infertility, the greatest fear for extended culture is the cessation of embryo development and watching the embryos perish. If no Embryo Transfer is performed, it would undoubtedly result in disappointment. Therefore, it is better to put a young embryo than none. In case only a few embryos are obtained on day 3, those can be transferred through Fresh or Frozen Embryo Transfer, without any embryo selection. This is because in such cases, the benefits of a day-5 embryo transfer remain limited. There is a hope if Embryo Transfer is performed, does not matter if it is a Day 2 Embryo or Day 3 Embryo. Hence, there is a need to balance the benefits and risk profile.

It is important not to feel disheartened as there is still a good chance of successful pregnancy following Day 2 or Day 3 Embryo Transfer, leading to a pregnancy.

As one of the best fertility treatment clinic, Everlink aim to provide you with the best treatment to overcome infertility issue. Contact us now.

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